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US China relations are at its worst in modern history, how did the two countries get to this point? Understand the historical forces driving the conflict - from China’s Century of Shame to the slow decay of deindustrialisation in the US.

After 4 years of escalating conflict under a Trump administration, what will Biden’s approach to China be? Continue watching When Titans Clash: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list.

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roe kinko, 1 month ago (edited)
The history is repeating itself. US did the same thing to Japan in the 80s when Japan is about to surpass US. They blame Japanese that have stolen their technology and smashed Toshiba Tv in front of the parliament. The US forced Japan to sign the Plaza accord led to inflation of Japanese Yen and caused the burst of housing bubble and crumpling economy. The next 5 years will be crucial, either China knocks the US to become no.1 or vice versa. Remember, history is always written by the winners.


T Wood
If China becomes number 1 it will be a day worth celebrating for all people who are non-western, there is finally a chance for 200 years people no longer have to live under western rules. I'm so sick of the western nations always telling other people what to do, and how should we behave, always lecturing other nations as if they are better than us. They invaded kingdoms and nations around the world, stolen lands, enslave people, plunder other's resources and wealth, then established an economic system that suits them and all other nations must follow, if not they will be economically sanctioned or face regime change. I think China is not Japan, they learn from history, they will win.

Nicholas Issac Nakajima Yu
Smashing the toshiba tv infant of parliament was due to the fact that Toshiba sold technology to the Soviet Union which US was having a cold war with. It was known to be a betrayal due to US and Japanese were Allies. Please get your facts right.

Weni omer, 1 month ago
So US companies move US jobs abroad and the US government starts blaming the world as opposed to the companies because free market capitalism?


sin Mc
Look through US history, the US the government in particular always need someone to blame to motivate the voters. In democracy you can't blame the voters, you will never get in office.

Applaud for love, 1 week ago
The old man was dying and asked his son what to do if the cats and dogs in the house are very dissatisfied with the current life. The son replied that they should improve their housing, give them the best food, and try to meet their needs to improve their lives. The old man said to his son, you don't have to do anything. Give them votes to make them feel like the owner of the house. They will attack each other for their own benefit, they will completely forget their dissatisfaction with you, they will only feel that this is due to the other partys attack


Blue Winter, 1 month ago
Only a Singaporean Media company CNA, can tell such a difficult story in such a fair, bipartisan, objective way. Thank you CNA for telling both sides of the story.


Wolfgang K
America did it to itself. They forced the world to trade in Dollars, and therefore the world needs to earn those Dollars by trading goods to America. America pays with an unlimited number of checks that will never be cashed. So their debt grows endlessly. Until the time comes when the checks WILL be cashed.

Julian How
and you are using gmail and on youtube which is owned by google an american company and using the internet which was created by american. so what does that make you ? moron..

Kompat Ekkawinsakul, 1 month ago
One thing I agree with China. The US always blames everyone else and never admits its own fault.


Jason Wang, 3 weeks ago (edited)
There is nothing wrong educating young Chinese to love their own country and US does same. I don't understand that even now China doesn't make one car for US market but got blame for the factory closing in Detroit


JK Rolling, 2 weeks ago
The US is becoming a country living in the shadow of its former glory after they screwed themselves, in a hard way.


Michael Zhang, 1 month ago
When you say American allow China to join WTO, probably you forget it is called World Trade Organization, not American Trade Organization


Cary W, 3 weeks ago
Such a breeze of fresh air after watching all the superficial, name-calling, corporate controlled news outlets..


JT, 1 month ago
Love watching this as an American, esp because this is from a Singaporean production.


Jasmine Li, 1 month ago
As a person who understands Mandarin, Cantonese and English to a certain extend, I have to say that this is a fantastic documentary. The translation delivers the meaning of each person accurately. When thing are translated without being potentially misguiding, this documentary is good.


Ben Young, 3 weeks ago
We built our economy based on your financial system...The world is in crisis because of your mismanagement... We are no longer your student. I didn't know Wang said that.


Ocean Breeze, 1 month ago
Unbridled capitalism is hitting a wall. America has no one else to blame but itself.


mopbrothers, 1 month ago
No discussion of the military spending? Last I heard the US spends more money on military than 8 or so countries combined. Maybe we could delve into why we waste money on weapons?


Oliver Dash, 1 week ago
The USA has been tapping, taping and taking for a long time. When other nations are able to do the same it is wrong. First lesson in USA foreign policy #1.


Johan Vanbrabant, 1 month ago
Well balanced documentary, showing the views and sensitivities from all sides. Nice work!


XD Gao, 3 weeks ago
the US is in declining, shows in every symptoms of a declining empire trying to hold on to its long gone glory...


j, 2 days ago
The west must understand that over the years of globalisation, not only lives have improved. Even state leaderships improved a lot. Good Governance is no longer exclusive to the west. Leaders adapt whats best for their country.


Yaur Yaur, 1 month ago
Wow, this television channel is incredible. This documentary is better than BBC CNN and other channels.


Evan Gelical, 1 month ago
Finally a balanced view on US and China relations, not just one-sides Western propaganda


Weiping Jiang, 3 weeks ago
When we blame the globalization, do our Americans think about the trillion dollars we has spent in the wars past two decades? Instead China has spent trillion dollars to build high-speed railways, highways, bridges, etc to improve the life of its people.


Rishav Sharma, 1 month ago
Its a well balanced documentary, bravo! Very often we are force fed with one sided propaganda from the western media.


UV Gardener, 1 month ago
Wow, a master piece, in a grand scale, and without the colored glasses like in Western documentaries. Bravo!


Zihao He, 1 week ago
This is the most objective documentary I have ever watched on the topic of the relationship between US and China, big thumbs up to CNA! Also, Singapore is such a fascinating country in this planet, on my bucket list to visit!


picandvideo, 1 month ago
Escape goat is the only tool left. At the same time must print trillions a month to keep fake Wall Street from total collapse.


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