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​New York City’s Jing Fong restaurant closed its 800-seat dining room in Manhattan’s Chinatown on March 7, 2021, due to struggles during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Truman Lam, the third-generation owner of Jing Fong, said he could no longer afford to rent the dining hall space. About 100 workers are losing jobs because of the closure, but the restaurant will continue to handle takeaway and delivery orders.
景芳的第三代业主杜鲁门•林(Truman Lam)表示,他再也租不起餐厅了。大约有100名工人因为关闭而失业,但餐厅将继续处理外卖和送货订单。

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Pete Sins, 1 day ago
I know people throw the word landmark around a lot but Jin Feng is a true Chinatown landmark. It employs many of the residents, it provides a space of gathering for families, and it also serves as a cultural display because its popularity with non-asian Americans. Its tremendous dinning hall is ALWAYS full of families on the weekends. Sad to see it go. Harsh conditions had eliminated all of the borderline surviving small businesses, did a huge favor for the already powerful corporations.


E W, 1 day ago
NYC is gradually becoming a ghost of what it once was, no effort outside of giving handouts to millionaires.


Aaron C.
You mean the financial wankers that the city was built upon. They dont even get handouts. Cause they dont create jobs.

Midnite Reveries
Yup, that's exactly what the last two stimulus packages under Trump were for. Almost 50% of the entire benefits of the stimulus bill was for bailing out big corporation and firms, but all the middle and working class were ignored and left behind. This new Democrat stimulus bill, 900 billion of the 1.9 trillion goes directly to any families that make less than $90k a year, so that's something, but it's too late.

Lambosaur, 1 day ago
Aaa... To think I'd see this place close. I used to go here a lot for Chinese weddings when I was younger, and it really brings back memories. Sending all the love from your neighbor in Philly~


D H, 1 day ago
Sadly, this isnt just the virus affecting Chinatown businesses (which is a huge factor) but its also corporate greed in pushing out these iconic local businesses and turning them into another franchise that can afford the rent/taxes.


beohel, 1 day ago
With how local businesses everywhere dying and how large corporations kept earning more during this pandemic, I fear we are looking at the death of culture and sense of community everywhere. The dystopian future where corporations rule everything seems just ever slightly more possible now.


Lia Susanto, 1 day ago
So sad to see the restaurant closed. My husband and I used to eat here while we lived in NYC. from


A H, 1 day ago
Many large size dim sum restaurants in LA even in Asian areas are also struggling. The anti Asian attitude is probably worse in NY than LA.


P LM, 1 day ago
Someone in Texas got 2.7 million in PPE loans which she spent personally. Can't imagine this guy got less than that. If he did then I'd say it's bias against this restaurant.


chime hk, 1 day ago
The big chunk of federal aid went to the rich for them to gamble in stock market


Rabbitized Bear, 1 day ago
Leaving the virus roaring for almost a year in the States is not your fault. The so-called democracy no longer represents people. It is all about money now.


Rebecca Bilbrey, 1 day ago
So very sad to see another business close due to covid and being surprised by large franchises that don't have real chinese foods.


Feng Zheng, 1 day ago
that's not the reason it close. people move to Brooklyn 8 ave Chinatown cuz Manhattan Chinatown was getting to expensive to live so they migrated to Brooklyn Chinatown. and once Brooklyn get to expensive they migrate to Staten island.


Tony Tang, 1 day ago
No GoFundMe page setup for this landmark Chinese restaurant, pretty soon it just be a empty China town if the Chinese community don't help out.


ContributionSimple, 1 day ago
I had never been or heard of this place but I am sorry to see this. I wish the city offer assistance. Multiculturalism is important to NYC and the US.


Howard Chen, 1 day ago
As a Chinese, if any Chinese restaurants were closed no one has a job and authentic Chinese food.


halley oey, 1 day ago
nah the US is in a very strong economic condition trillion dollar company in wallstreet just down the street lol


Moira Majaha, 1 day ago
Dang. I feel for all those grandparents who probably met with their friends and did things together.


Phoenix Chen, 1 day ago (edited)
If you go to Flushing now, you will see so many restaurants and shops that have stood for decades turned into what? Viral cafes. Bubble tea shops. In comes the new and out goes the old; it's so heartbreaking to see so many landmarks turned into a viral shop when you know it won't be a year before the novelty runs out and it closes too.


Jason Yau, 1 day ago
I am from Vancouver Canada and our Chinatown is also home to a large Chinese restaurant like Jing Fong (ours is called Floata and still surviving but barely) so to hear a comparable Chinese restaurant in a comparable Chinatown here in North America is shutting down due to the pandemic is sad and depressing. Really do hope Jing Fong re opens soon in NYC's Chinatown. Big Restaurants like Jing Fong is really all most Chinatowns have these days to draw in people. With Asian Malls in the suburbs there is really less need to go into Chinatowns for Chinese stuff anymore.


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