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I have a chat with a young British guy who has come to live in Shanghai to study at a university there. His mind has totally changed regarding his opinion about China since he has lived here.
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the JaYoe Nation, 6 hours ago
hearing real on the ground stories... current ones... those are the ones that matter most.


Yep, we try to bring new and interesting content. Interesting how his view changed so much once he had actually come to China.

Nij Jin
Completely agree, humans need to stop focusing on the past and create a better future for all, I think humanity deserves that after our long history of bloodshed.

Wei Zhang, 7 hours ago (edited)
HK rioters supposed mainland China as a hell without freedom because they watch too much anti China propaganda, it’s kind of sad they were brainwashed so much just 15km away from the city of Shenzhen , world level success of the west anti China propaganda


diga Melo
Not really. Part brainwashed, part 装b, part jealousy, part longing for old golden days (especially for the youngsters ironically) and so on.
不是真的。一半洗脑,一半装b、 一部分是嫉妒,一部分是对过去黄金时代的向往(特别讽刺的是年轻人大多是这样)。

Joanne Smith
In their eyes the border is a line between heaven and hell

Reflex Samurai, 6 hours ago
Barrette, you have got yourself a very bright and wise guy there mate. You can tell the young lad speak out the truth about China and he is truly enjoying it. Well done!


Mr Tony, 7 hours ago
Well done Lee for finding Luke, who is fascinated by China. The fact its not Oli promoting China here ie; a member of your family, others may take his comments more serious. Im glad he mentioned he was previousely diss-informed by the BBC.


ivan lee, 7 hours ago
It brings tears to my eyes to see young and intelligent westerners coming down to see China. There are still a lot of good guys in this world. I am sure this young man will have a good future in China. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.


Order & Chaos, 7 hours ago
In the information age, information is also a commodity. Misinformation about China is a bad product that hurts China as well as its consumers.


Beware of the Leaven of the USA, 7 hours ago
Machine-learning research in China is top class.


Strong Challenger, 6 hours ago
Brilliant work! Am glad you guys debunked those haters who have never been in China except spewing lies. Love your videos!


wts, 7 hours ago (edited)
Young generation of west , come to China to pursue peace , future , chance ,dream , career , experience personally of real and truth of China which WEST MEDIA , POLITICIAN never never told you , flee from lying west world now .


Max Lin, 3 hours ago
So now BBC has one more person to "expose"? well, at least Luke does get funded by the Chinese government for something. Can't wait to see another BBC report about foreign Vloggers living in China and the showcase of their cheap photoshop skills!


Chris Wang, 7 hours ago
Turns out I have followed him long time ago, but never got into my recommendation list. Thanks youtube and google. BS algorithm.


bbb 2, 7 hours ago (edited)
china have great universities and most of them are affordable or even cheap compare to same level universities in other countries


Francoise Hembert, 7 hours ago
Young people like this young man give me hope for the future.


Reuben Lawrence, 6 hours ago
Im a chemical engineering student doing a masters degree... after watchung this i will go study phd in china of there is an opportunity. Its just a complete no brainer


田野, 7 hours ago
good to see increasing number of foreigners coming and living in China to check out the real China


Peter Manuel, 4 hours ago
Even if your man was paying full cost for his degree and PHD it'd still be peanuts compared to the UK


Jimmy Hu, 4 hours ago (edited)
The Western press is scared shitless of the technological advancement of China! You never have to pay an arm and a leg to get to elsewhere in China!


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