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S. President Joe Biden was due on August 24. U.S. officials said the intelligence agencies are unlikely to come up with a clear conclusion as to whether the coronavirus originated naturally or leaked from a laboratory.





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Jay in New Zealand, 15 hours ago
America has gone to war with small countries, with limited or no army navy or air force... China has a much larger navy, armed forces of 2 million plus it's improved air force, now how will the USA do? I think China can stand firmly on Chinese land.


Mohamed Maaniu
Yes the US definitely crossed the line and invaded other weak sovereign nations. They could have just stayed in their homeland and defend their own country if they had to. See now the humiliation they are facing.


Barrie Armstrong, 14 hours ago
Common USA trick to maintain their own pride and esteem.


carr16k, 13 hours ago
The various actions by the U.S over the past few years shows that they have simply lost it and now reeks of desperation. What a fall from grace for the country I grew up looking up to.


Robert Richard
The last grace the U.S. ever had fell 22, Nov. 1963, probably well before you're filled up with gibberish.


Simon Lin, 15 hours ago (edited)
Just as expected, the US is painting the virus as China's fault to mask their own failure of fighting the virus.


Kiam Zai, 11 hours ago (edited)
I wouldn't trust the very organization that lied about Iraq wmd. Not going to be stupid twice.


Khepri, 14 hours ago (edited)
Mysterious vaping pneumonia =>Fort Detrick

神秘的呼吸肺炎=>Fort Detrick

Angeline J, 11 hours ago
What's US afraid of?! Show the world of reasons shutting down Fort Detrick in Maryland US in Aug2019. And what it related to the devil Unit 731!


c wasan, 14 hours ago
USA humuliated​ Covid management.

美国腐烂的​ 新冠病毒管理。

Ramon Ng, 13 hours ago
after lies in Afghanistan have been exposed, whatever report it comes up with now, is hardly credible to anyone...lol, the Taliban is more credible now, it seems


steven anthony kwong, 14 hours ago
The e American way is to badmouth any country repeatedly in the name of false democracy to hurt any country that s surpasses is own. Heck, even Elon musk is not immune who himself is American. This alone speaks volumes just how racist and corrupt the American government has been for decades. It's high time for change.


Jap the American Lapdogs, 14 hours ago (edited)
In my class, there is a bully, he always look for troubles, he said he have many friends, his friends too don’t show respect to others, but there was a very big sized boy who always mind his own business, now after bully everyone, the bully try to bully the big sized boy, I want to see this big bully get the kick in @ss he always remember and stop his annoying behaviour because everyone else want to study.


Save My Mother Country, 12 hours ago
Truth will always win but take time, Praying for China for protecting from garbage thrown on it


Cornelius Thompson, 5 hours ago
WHO must investigate 2019 covid cases in the US and Western countries.


wwj Alwys, 15 hours ago
US should open fort Dietrich for investigation


catonpillow, 10 hours ago
The US attempt to pin it on China is irrelevant because we already have a concrete evidence that they had cases prior to China. Coming from a CDC research no less. They have tested samples from the period December 2019/January 2020 and have found people with antibodies from several states in mid December 2019 with only 5% of the donors having a travel history to Asia. You can look it up.


Fuzhi Khung, 9 hours ago
It lied about Iraq's WMD... it lied about so many other things... Can it's words be trusted.


Rusdy Tenarsen, 14 hours ago
Chinese intelligence should make a report as well to counterattack.


Communist Party of India (Marxist), 14 hours ago
My Prayers with You China Keep Growing


Dennis Marfo, 12 hours ago
Hasn't it always been Russia or China's fault...


w surfer, 6 hours ago
Remember CIA's report on Iraq's weapon of mass destruction ? I was a lie to invade Iraq.


Yellow First, 13 hours ago
The US should first off open up its Fort Detrick labs and the 200+ biolabs across its country.


Hmmm mmm, 14 hours ago
Just waiting for all the other countries around the world to back in China


codeagent47, 12 hours ago
Most Americans have no idea about Fort Detrick, and it was forced to shut down in July 2019.


Xi Jinping’s Xiao Jiji, 9 hours ago
Imagine living in a world where even your friends (Russia, Pakistan, North Korea) believe that you are a dirty country that eats bats and caused a pandemic.


45641560456405640563, 11 hours ago (edited)
This guy looks to have more grey in his hair every time I see him. Guess it's the stress of being in the cross hairs of reality.


Sun Sun, 13 hours ago (edited)
Any other tools to make the US more shameless?


USA FORT DETRICK VIRUS, 14 hours ago (edited)
The same video that i posted on weibo which is on tiktok an american also said to scapegoat China. Nice one !

我在微博上发布的同一个视频抖音 一个美国人也说要把中国当作替罪羊。不错!

Hi Handsome, 12 hours ago
Well said...! Thumbs up..!


Hermawan 88, 2 hours ago
It's enough to just disassemble everyone who is involved.


mountain dweller, 10 hours ago
Those who shout the loudest , all ways have something to hide , and like from day one they have behaved in a typical manner that suggests just that , like the cover up , is always bigger than the crime ?


Ming Chan, 11 hours ago

说得好 , 加油 !

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