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中国承诺支持塔利班 反对G7威胁制裁强硬派组织




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Tommyzty, 5 hours ago
I’m no fan of the Chinese government but this title is highly misleading, the Chinese spokesperson never said they “pledged support” for the Taliban, the title made them sound like allies when in fact China is only saying they respect Taliban control of Afghanistan, which the US and the west also do. The only difference is that China is against sanctions and hostility.


Brat, 11 hours ago
"The enemy of my enemies if my friend." Yea China knows what it is doing.


Malaysian Mapping, 11 hours ago (edited)
This takes 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' to a whole new level


Lunger Anon
Lot of irony in that. Lets see how long any cooperation lasts between them (Im not optimistic).


Giant Hunger, 11 hours ago
"The enemy of my enemy is my friend" - Sun Tzu the art of making friends


hisoka morow
I know that saying from cosmo and wanda where the teacher i think his name is crocker said that to timmy turner

我知道cosmo和wanda的老师我想他的名字是crocker对timmy turner说过这句话

Lex Cortez
Actually that didn't originate from China that originated in the US It was Gabriel Manigault that said it


Hindi Super Toilet, 11 hours ago
The Talibans are parading around with tens of thousands of US made assault rifles, machines guns, Humvees........I think Talibans luv the US more


solid chain, 10 hours ago
It's not about the friend thing. China need a stable neighbor to continue it's one belt and one road strategy. It's a win-win to China and Afgan. China never want Afganistan stay poor and being a terrorism base.


Aka-chan!!, 9 hours ago
Where the US goes in with bombs, China goes in with money.


Ralffe, 12 hours ago
I just realized that China and Russia are the only ones that are trying to help rebuild the country. As much as allowing people to leave from a destroyed countries, you should also help them atleast rebuild what was destroyed in your battles.


Lucas Liw, 11 hours ago
How interesting that the Taliban is willing to work with a country which according to the West oppresses its Islamic population.


祝融 - 药含, 9 hours ago
I guess it's an alien thing for the west to cooperate without imposing each other's value.


Godzilla Mothra, 12 hours ago
if you want to influence taliban to be moderate, talk with them and work with them. If you cut off the relationship, and attack them with sanctions, what do you expect to achieve? Haven't you learned from all the sanctions you have launched against many countries before? Unless they refuse to talk with you or work with you, sanctions must be applied carefully, especially since the one who will suffer is usually the innocent citizens.


TechyTrendy Solutions, 8 hours ago
In proper time Taluban will attack china for turturing ughurs muslim. China dont be a fool.


Just a Travelling Commentator, 13 hours ago
Ah, the first page of world war 3 - my grandson, 21XX


ShadoStorm, 9 hours ago
The Soviet came and failed. The Americans came and failed. China never came, they got invited. China Wins.


Hsingking, 10 hours ago
this is indeed a "trick or treats" scenario.


International Director, 9 hours ago
China is silent talk less busy for economic development while america and allies talk much waging war and when they can't beat them like vietnam, syria, iraq, yemen among others they use the biased and fake media to pinpoint fingers a sad practice. Afghanistan will stand on its feet with the economic relief of China and Russia.


Tungka Ah-dee, 9 hours ago
Hope they will have peace soon.


Vin, 6 hours ago
Will Iran send financial support as well? Soon enough, beijing will be able to bridge their way to the Persian Gulf; we might hear news of a pipeline project stretching from the Persian Gulf across Iran, Taliban, into the territories of beijing.


Crzy Man, 7 hours ago (edited)
You have things we want, and we have things you need -china


william wan, 4 hours ago
I don't think that means "support", I call it "wait and see approach".


ALI CLINCH TV, 13 hours ago
Remember : It is very easy to trick people when it comes to religion.


Jack N, 9 hours ago
China : yes my belt n road plan will go on as plan


Sam liew, 10 hours ago
Yes, let's bring the deserved peace and life back to Afghanistan.


Mia Vos, 10 hours ago
Here we go!!! The US has completely lost its status as 'leader if the world'. So arrogant and self-involved it never even noticed what was happening in plain sight. The world does NOT like the US.. that's for very sure.


ironwork92000, 14 hours ago
Talk about the things getting interesting...


Peter, 5 hours ago
Since China supports North Korean dictatorship, I highly doubt their motivation is pure in nature for Afghanistans


sixtyinsix, 10 hours ago
Despots of a feather flock together...


Exu, 14 hours ago
Cold War 2: Electric Boogaloo


Esrael Recabar, 12 hours ago
My enemy's enemy is my friend.


Teresa Peet, 10 hours ago (edited)
Yeah, sanctions and another 911,tried and tested.


Psycho - Lycanz, 10 hours ago
more like when new Afghanistan can't pay china takes it like what they did in some africa country well.... mostly


Hyped Dino, 5 hours ago
Since the US has failed in Afghanistan, let's give China a chance on this.


Steven Steven, 8 hours ago
Now the world political trend is either you stand with US, or friend with China. If choose to enemy with US and China, you will loom.


Aavi Goa, 1 hour ago
So everyone should understand for all these years, from where Taliban was getting financial support.


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