原创外国网友评论保安将一名女子拖下火车 在中国引发愤怒
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保安将一名女子拖下火车 在中国引发愤怒




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Jamaicafunk, 13 hours ago
In New York this would be called…”Tuesday”.


Ngọc Mai Trần, 14 hours ago
The video was very short, and we didn’t get to see what the woman actually did to the other passenger. Maybe both sides were wrong, like, why was she so angry? Why did she refuse to leave the train when she clearly was so uncomfortable? And they literally dragged her out like a bag of potato or something, causing her clothes to tear, that must be so embarrassing for her. Maybe she was acting like a karen, but I think the security guy could definitely handled this better, those 2 men could both grab her arms to make her move right?


wise potato
You're right..... Security guard definitely cudve thrown her off while the train was moving. ..


Lucius Cornelius Sulla
Don't care. She refused to follow the rules. Got what she deserved.


SS Ordernsstaat Burgund, 13 hours ago
I see a lack of information about this train dispute. Would anyone please enlighten me about this one?


The reason is still under disputed. But no matter what happened, she shouldn’t be treated like this. Besides I was furious about what the subway official statement said. Our people were forcing our government to investigate this more as well as punish them appropriately and they have to apologize to that girl!!!!!!!!


Very simply, the security guard is a horrible guy. Xi'an Metro hopes to cover up this thing, but the public is very angry.


It's Monday, 14 hours ago
Now i know why there trains are punctual.


Kommireddy Pavan, 14 hours ago
In presence of women guards 3 of them should have restrained and kicked her off the train


AI Van, 15 hours ago
Maybe the only solution is to call police in order to end it.


Rivka Herzog, 10 hours ago
I'm sure they could have taken her off the train in a less humiliating manner, if she was in the wrong.


grey hull, 9 hours ago
That’s what America needs for the entitled


LUNARIS_JPN, 13 hours ago
They must surely not know the principle of negotiations


Mr Squiggles, 14 hours ago
First sprint and american airlines, now it's chinese trains


Iuwl, 12 hours ago (edited)
Would be nice if we got a proper story coverage rather than this very short, deliberately cut video that paints the story one-sidedly. Though ofc violence is bad, if its true that it was used as last resort... then this is clearly edited to look defamatory, making it seem like the station worker's first response was violence.


Majumdar Jiban, 6 hours ago
Chinese people and celebrities have lost their moral principles.


Haruno Mira, 13 hours ago
I noticed news like this doesnt tell whole story. Why she insults by he has to add me in wechat first? I mean thats a load of sus. Would Karen ask u to add her..

我注意到这样的消息并不能说明全部情况。她为什么要先在微信里加上我?我的意思是那是一堆sus。将克伦人 请你加上她。。

Y O, 10 hours ago
Security guard should have requested backup to get BOTH passengers off the train..


Shadab Shaikh, 10 hours ago
This video does not give full details of the incident, this needs to be probed properly and guilty must be punished.


M E R C E R M O D E, 14 hours ago
Bet she had multiple servings of fresh Soy Sauce before the incident.


Michael Darren, 14 hours ago
The train should running on time. Any delays could impact the whole metro area of Xian. Time is ticking....... they should solve it outside the train. Dont be selfish


Vermin Watch_Out, 14 hours ago
Insufficient information on what caused woman to be apparently angered. Security guard not adequately trained to remove passengers from train, inappropriate use of force.


Alvaro Valdovinos, 10 hours ago
When a person refuses to leave and insist with half torn clothes, that another passenger has done something....why did they not remove both parties znd checked the Film to see if ther is merit in what the Kady said. These security guards are cowards because they were not afraid to use force on a woman but avoided to even lookat the man in question. Something is weird about the story.


The Rotten Apple, 1 hour ago
Even death row prisoners deserve to wear clothes.


bianshi j, 14 hours ago
They need to use Taser, it's more efficient.


Layput, 11 hours ago
According to comprehensive media reports, an eyewitness recounted the incident, saying that the female passenger involved made the phone call too loud, and an old man called her a female hooligan, and the two quarreled. The old man beat the female passenger. The security guard thought that the woman was beating the old man to get him out of the car. The woman did not want to get out of the car. A scene in the online video happened. Another witness said that what he saw was that the woman’s umbrella was broken, her arm was scratched, and her clothes were torn.


Comrade_ Yurikov, 14 hours ago
POV: You're going to brazil


Qusi Asan, 11 hours ago
CCTV cameras everywhere makes China more fair and safer society,the authorities cannot censor all . The social media also play an important part. Those incidents the local government usually act very quickly ,under the pressure of ppl and the center authority.

到处都有闭路电视摄像机,这使中国社会更加公平和安全,当局无法对所有人进行审查。社交媒体也发挥着重要作用。当地政府通常会在政府压力下迅速采取行动人们 以及中央权威机构。

keerat tanwar, 11 hours ago
It's the guard's fault.


E C, 12 hours ago
Ah... a lady in trouble...where is black foot sanji?


gap949, 11 hours ago
Over here she would have been Tasered and choked !


JMADMACHINE, 14 hours ago
Close down the train company


Kei, 2 hours ago (edited)
I would’ve told both parties to get up and leave while others called the police. Ripping her clothes (no, no. That’s horrible!) and dragging her off like a sack is very unprofessional. If no one moves, I would call for back up. As for the woman, it’d be better if she was less emotional and explain. But maybe the security guard didn’t listen and just dragged her off because he didn’t want to listen.


Linus Yeoh, 14 hours ago
Use of force in these kinds of situations requires training. Pretty obvious the security guy didn't have it.


Ludmila Puchkariova, 12 hours ago
This how china want to be first class? Mmmm


alfawolf, 2 hours ago
how to explain her things left behind? any explanation for that? other than abuse of power?


Phoenix Reloaded, 12 hours ago
Looks a lot like new USA. These countries start to have more and more in common.


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