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the JaYoe Nation, 18 hours ago
Let the flood of criticism commence.... lol


Jing, 7 hours ago (edited)
Moving out of China sounds risky especially for someone who’s unvaccinated, but I root for you and I support your decision. Because I think we shouldn't see things only in white and black, but rather we should embrace differences, broaden our horizons and express balanced opinions. It's like Indians love curry, but it doesn't mean curry should be favourites of all people across the globe. Best of luck and look forward to watching your videos! Stay safe and stay healthy!


Xiaoyao Aben, 10 hours ago
It’s time for Matt to take us to see the actual situation in the U.S.


Ben y
Everything is good in US. You might be surprised that restaurants here are packed in the summer everywhere. People here mostly act like there is covid-19. So it is good that almost everything seems good and prosperous, it is bad that people don't pay enough attention about the covid-19. With respect to covid, I think China and US are extreme on the opposite side. Anything extreme is not good in my opinion.


Snow Black, 5 hours ago
Every country has good and bad things. For me, the most important thing is to see the real things. It is good to have Matt show us the real things in all countries he lives. Good luck


Ivan Kovač, 9 hours ago
Matt I was glued to my seat listening to that intro story, I thought it was some genuine problem you were going through ... so happy it was just a lark. :D well done


lifen11, 8 hours ago
Are you and Anne still a couple? Poor Eva gonna miss her dad.


donald wu, 9 hours ago
All the best Matt, your heart is in the right place.


Shawn Liu, 5 hours ago
"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." - Mark Twain


A BC, 7 hours ago
Matt, in your case (young and healthy) vaccination should be the least of your worries. It's actually proven that China's vaccine although it has the lowest numbers compared to Pfizer/Moderna/Sputnik who all have 90%+ efficacy, the Chinese one is by far the safest one, due to the methodology used.


Upside Down, 9 hours ago
I'm sure others have commented that you would be leaving your family for such a long time. Seems strange, especially with a young child & being an absent father. Not trying to hate, but want to understand your priorities. BTW really like your content, particular at Nuance.


firetoucher, 9 hours ago
Anni is a great wife, she let you do this.


Jennifer Cheng, 3 hours ago (edited)
40 is not old but is not young either. As a mother I feel so sad for your daughter. Why did you say you escape China? It sounds like China was preventing you leave. You escaped your marriage and responsibility. When will you grow up? It seems like you always talk about what you want to see and places to go. Everything is about yourselves, but not about your family. Hope you have a lot of nice journeys and enjoy your life.


Samuel Yang, 6 hours ago
I believe your wife must be upset with you. You left your family when your daughter needs you very much. I would say you escaped your family not China. Your wife must regret marrying you.


E equal MC2, 9 hours ago
Hi Matt, I am not a PRC person, I watched most of your videos and the Gweilo60, your comments are very fair and impartial. You are just telling the very true


D-man, 9 hours ago
Safe travels! I've always found you pretty objective in how you described China (not a perfect place, but some great things).


Dustin Z. Zeng MD PHD, 6 hours ago (edited)
Having been living in Detroit for 13 years schooling, now I'm originally from China. I became a fan of you and really love what you are broadcasting from China.


Richard Sharpe, 8 hours ago
From what I have seen you are sensible, and being honest, you will always get the haters no matter what country you are saying is good. It really boils down to two things. 1. Education and most people have never been to these places. 2. Jealousy when people are jealous they will always say nasty things. Keep up the good work.


Walter Black, 16 hours ago
Please make it to South America as soon as possible, really not pumped to see the world's biggest ball of twine.


See Chun Chong, 8 hours ago
Wherever you go, you will do fine because you are people friendly, sincere, always smiling and been around places enough to deal with whatever situations that comes your way. All the best and looking forward to whatever you will share with us. Thanks and Cheers.


Patrick Chong, 8 hours ago
Always knew you are a rolling stone. Take care, Matt.


Ivan Ly, 7 hours ago
My recommendation for you is to start your journey starting Seattle WA down to LA CA., then, from LA go to Florida You will get all the impression about States that you need. FYI as of today there is more than 300 dead for people that were fully vaccinated in CA, according to CDC. So be careful!


Rakkasan06, 1 hour ago
Matt be careful when you are back in state, the Delta Variant is kicking ass here.


kindface, 2 hours ago
There are good people everywhere. You will reconnect with many of them when you're back in America, just like you have in China and the rest of the world where you've travelled. The negatives we're seeing and hearing are stoked and wreaked large by politicians, the media due to their vested interests and fundamentalist wings of religions. Away from these, we have much to be optimistic about. Stay safe.


Mary M, 6 hours ago
Wow, adapt and JAYOE! My heart breaks for you, Annie, Eva and your family in China. I love the China you showed me and everything will be ok. You are a traveler….


JERRY GOODE, 11 hours ago
Enjoy the new adventure my brother it's gonna be awesome I know it


Orwellian Purple Grapes 1984, 5 hours ago
Would be better for everyone if there was mutual recognition of each other's vaccines. Too bad. Stay safe.


PushcartOldman, 9 hours ago
You can spend couple weeks to DIY a camper-van for your road trip in the US.


raymond, 8 hours ago (edited)
I‘d love to see your new travel videos although you'll no longer be in China but I hope you'll still love China. Whatever are your thoughts, you must always jayou. We support your endeavours.


Bernard Fong, 7 hours ago
China needs you to report the truth in your country to counter the media lies.


STS88, 6 hours ago
Dammit Matt. You really had me going for the first few minutes with the custom officer!! LOL. Anyhow, wish you all the best. I envy your lifestyle. So free and adventurous. Keep making videos from wherever you end up. Cheers.


Lei Yu, 8 hours ago (edited)
This morning, when I came to Youtube, two tiles of Barrett's channel and your channel caught my attention. The title of Barrett's channel is "I have to tell you something ...", the title of your channel is "Why I am leaving China". I am like "What??? Did the Chinese government's crackdown on the entertainment industry affecting you guys?"


V Angle Channel, 2 minutes ago (edited)
A married man has all his passions and dreams to look forward, only one thing is missing, his wife and daughter. Left his family to travel around the world, maybe he loves freedom more than anything else .


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