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In the early 1990s, China's aerospace industry experienced a series of painful failures, with rocket explosions and human casualties. People in the aerospace industry call it "a dark decade.





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David Moss, 11 hours ago
I'm very proud of China for recognizing their problems and facing them head on. No problem too hard, no task too heavy.


ruud195, 11 hours ago
Good to open the old archive, it is never easy to learn to walk now they run.


Kimming Chong, 10 hours ago
failure need not be hidden or laughed at... no nation succeed without failing... good luck china


भारत एक शौचालय है, 7 hours ago
It's like the Long March. Difficulties and failures hampered progress, but the will to overcome meant they got there in the end. The journey continues. So does the fighting spirit. Well done China. You're an inspiration to us all.


Renaat Ceulenaere, 10 hours ago
With all respect to the People's Republic of China's Aerospace. On all levels in China people learn from history. Perhaps "the way" to a better world. A pity some on this planet are so stubborn and don't like to face their failures and prefer falsely accuse others for it. These will never make history in the good way.


Philip Tan, 10 hours ago
The road to a successful aerospace is littered with failures. Just look at the multiple failures of NASA in the 60th. Even after the moonlanding many nasa astronauts died during the initial launch of the shuttle. China has also learnt the hard way before they can launch rockets successfully. But with perseverance and hard work (and money) any nation can go into space. People should work together to build a more peaceful and a beautiful world rather than going to war or imposing one’s ideal upon another.


Covert Puppy Two
Many nasa astronauts died? What's your definition of many? In grand total, since NASA's beginning the US has lost 15 Astronauts but I'll remind you, it's much easier to follow the leader than being the leader. China has yet to be on the cutting edge but instead replicate what the US has done decades ago and do it with much improved technology. Lets see China go to the moon for example and use 1960's technology! And while I dig your kumbaya ideals at the end of your comment... that peace will not occur when China is looking to expand its territory and resources ILLEGALLY by threat of military force!!!


Elv Ent, 10 hours ago
With 46 yuan salary for those rocket scientist, I would said well done that the rocket still can fly. Of course you will to create a better initiative and compensation to encourage innovation


Yong Feng Chan, 10 hours ago


Alo Calian, 9 hours ago
Failures are inevitable & the journey is tough esp doing alone. Nevertheless with perseverence & hard work it bear fruits. Well done China. You do it your way.


Jay Liu, 7 hours ago
I'm happy to see discussions regarding wage and fair treatment being aired on state channels. That's a signal for positive changes to come. China needs to retain as much of its engineering and scientific talents as it possibly can!


InterestRateCoaster, 9 hours ago (edited)
Quality problem foremost is the management problem. Solving management problem requires deep investigation of the cause of quality issues.


Datian Longan, 2 hours ago
"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." - Thomas Edison


pishva, 7 hours ago
Hello from Iran. I salute the great Chinese nation on their perseverance in the face of failure. We also try to learn from our failures and progress forward.


0PEN DEFECATI0N, 10 hours ago
in 80s china was launching rockets while my india was struggling with extreme poverty and mass starvation


Entertainment Joke, 3 hours ago
Just as Lee Kuan Yew has said. Paid a talent with correct renumeration, they will stay and work hard for you.


Paul Meyer, 9 hours ago
Those who have never failed have never succeeded.


Kelvin Loh, 2 hours ago
Recently, my sixth sense tells me that the Chinese hero, Zhao Zilong is my son. Is that true, Zhao Wei?


Strong Challenger, 11 hours ago
I want to know the rest of the story. Is there a continuation?


ABCDE I, 10 hours ago
With 46 yuan a month salary for an aerospace engineer, no one will put in any effort at all.


Sunny Shafqat, 10 hours ago
It take courage to learn


thndrngest, 6 hours ago
Not everyone understands the level of difficulty involved but they sure enjoy the moment of successful powerful launch. Trial and error is the norm in science, very good to show the world the tough period China went through in order to have a more complete picture of the space program development.


Michael P, 7 hours ago
The failures resulted successes. Respect.


Leoncio Co, 10 hours ago
D old saying hold true, no one can live by bread alone.


Seth Jansson, 7 hours ago
I bet the citizens are very proud...that they get to have rocket stages land on them.


BSnicks, 21 minutes ago
Failures/mistakes are what you will learn from and evolve. So, it's better by making mistakes in the beginning and then succeed, than succeed in the beginning and end up with a failure.


Adam West, 8 hours ago
They say you learn by your failures.


Prashant Shinde, 9 hours ago
Failure is first step towards success


Law S, 9 hours ago
LEARN and IMPROVE from failures.


Colchicum autumn crocus, 6 hours ago
China is a stronger survivor.....China 5000yrs & continues history says it all.


Програматор, 8 hours ago
Hi @CGTN where to find video of whole documentary?


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